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Affiliate Program

Note: The affiliate program will be discontinued from December 31, 2019.

Join FeelBe Affiliate program and start earning!

We invite you to participate in our affiliate program and start earning real money in the Internet. Everyone can participate in the affiliate program: as the owner of the website or blog, and the one who doesn't have his Internet resource. Enough to complete a simple registration and receive a personalized referral link.

For every sold item through your link, you will receive a commission of 8% of its value. All you have to do - is to bring to the Feelbe web-store a Client, who will order and pay for goods. For all subsequent purchases of your referral, you will also receive 8% of the order amount. The client will be considered as your referral if he will make a purchase in Feelbe web-store within 30 days from the date of the transition for your reference.

Products presented in FeelBe online store, are widely known, so you will easily make money with us. Simply place our banner on your site, the hyperlink (link), or recommend us to your friends.

How to become a partner?

After registration, to the partner is assigned a special referral link, which includes a unique personal code. Under this code, the affiliate program System will determine that it is through your referral link a visitor came. You also get access to your account, where you can find banner ads to use on your site and a detailed purchase statistics visitors referred to the store on your affiliate link.

  • Step 1: Sign up for an FeelBe affiliate program
  • Step 2: Get a personalized affiliate link
  • Step 3: Point the potential buyers (traffic) to FeelBe website
  • Step 4: Earn money with FeelBe affiliate program

How often do I receive a earnings?

Payment of commission is made 1 time per month at no cost. You can order the payment after your unconfirmed income will be transferred to a confirmed (after delivery of the goods to the buyer) mode. Payments are made once a month: from the 1st to 3rd to purses: WebMoney, Yandex.Money, PayPal. Minimum withdrawal amount - $ 100.

Our commitment to our partners

To each registered participant program we provide individual hyperlink, which can take the form of plain text links or banner size 468x60, 100x100 or 88x31. We, on the other hand, guarantee the correctness of its work. Money earned by a partner, transferred from his account without any delay and special conditions (except for the minimum transfer amount limit).

Rights of partners 


1. Placing affiliate materials (links, banners, search forms, etc.) in any quantity. It can be:

  • Thematic sites
  • Banner
  • teaser ads
  • Public page / group / community in social networks
  • Targeted ads in social networks
  • Applications / games on social networks, mobile and desktop applications, plugins and toolbars
  • Contextual Advertising (YandexDirect, Google Adwords, Таргет@Mail.Ru, Begun) *
 * Placement of affiliate links in e-mail and SMS-sending is acceptable if the user voluntarily subscribes to a newsletter and has a clear opportunity at any time to terminate the subscription.
2. Placing affiliate materials in several of own resources. For example, in blog and on the page in social networks. Just do not forget to add a link to them in your account.

3. To change, add, remove, move the affiliate links on your resource. You do not need to notify the administration of the online-store.

4. Track conversions, orders placed, the statistics in your personal account.

5. Ask any questions about the program and get answers from the administration: sales@feelbe.com.

6. Receive a remuneration in convenient way for you.



1. Do not offer products on its own behalf. The visitor should be aware that the goodsprovided by an online store FeelBe.

2. Do not use links to Adult - resources.

3. You can not make purchases on their affiliate links as well as to make cross-shopping between the partners. In that case, if the partner is intentionally out orders on affiliate links of another partner, we will be forced to block the affiliate accounts of both partners till clarify further the circumstances.
4. To attract customers, the program participants are not allowed to use spam, in any whatsoever form. Accounts suspected of SPAM will be immediately blocked. If the partner is completely proved wine, it is excluded from the program.

Restrictions on information noise (spam):

  • Bulk uncoordinated pre emails (mass mailing). Mass distribution is regarded as sending to multiple recipients and multiple mailing to one recipient. Hereinafter, the emails are understood e-mail, ICQ, and other similar means of information exchange.
  • Uncoordinated sending emails of more than one page or containing attachments.
  • Uncoordinated sending emails advertising, commercial or propaganda, as well as letters containing rude and insulting expressions and sentences.
  • Distribution of information to recipients previously expressed unwillingness to receive this information.
  • Using your own or provided information resources (mailboxes, e-mail addresses,WWW pages, etc.) as contact with the commission of any of the above actions, no matter from what point of the Network these actions were committed.

To see statistics on how many customers come through your link, bought and paid for the order, you can live in your personal account on site FeelBe.


We provide prmpt technical support and consulting. You can always write to us at Help Desk, on e-mail: sales@feelbe.com or contact by phone:

  • Russia: (+7) 499-346-6685
  • Ukraine: (+380) 94-711-5674
  • USA: (+1) 917-809-4584
  • Israel: (+972) 58-335-2546